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Too big is when you can no longer boot the tire without it bulging.
Remember though, that hole isn't getting any smaller, so if the tire is
already well worn you may be skating on thin ice.  A cut in a new tire may
take a long time to get bigger.  I use tire liners, I rode a new tire that
had a large cut for several months.

There's no real difference between using a boot of some kind or using a
liner, unless the boot is so thick that it throws off the balance or
mis-shapes the tire.   Both will fail quickly when they start to bulge.  I
am an advocate of liners (at least for the rear) they don't add too much
weight and give significant protection against glass.  There is a new style
that is much thinner then the old Tuffy's and I'm told, cuts down on the
pinch flats the thick one's sometimes cause.


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I was riding the other day when my rear tire went
flat. It is a Vittoria Roma inflated to the max
pressure (100 psi). There was a small pop followed by
a protracted hiss. I switched out the tube and was on
my way.

When I got home, I took the rear wheel off to look at
the damage. I could see a small cut (about 0.5 cm or
1/5 inch) just off the midline in the tire. This
matched up with a small cut I found in the tube. I
checked the interior of the tire and could not find
the offending object. (Although I suspect a shard from
a beer bottle.) The tube patched up nicely. When I
fully inflated the tire, the cut opens up a bit and I
think you can see down to the tube. 

How big does a a cut in a tire have to be before you
need to do something about it. Should I put a boot in
the tire, put in a tire liner, or should I bite the
bullet and replace it?  

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