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The Crash Test Dummy Racing jerseys I made up were $49.99 each, but are now
$44.99 each  (there may be a discount for >5).  Silk screening is done
locally for $20 for artwork setup, $16 for screen charge, and $4 per screen
(2 color) thereafter.  So for an order of about 20 jerseys with front and
back screening, a jersey would cost about $52-$55; at the next meeting I may
propose doing jerseys with a subsidy per jersey from BVC to BVC members.

You can see the CTDR jerseys here:

The jersey is available in blue/white/black or yellow/white/black from,

I'm sure other sources for jerseys are available, and we would need to come
up with a design, but think about it prior to the meeting.

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jerseys!  wow.

         sounds good here.


At 03:13 PM 8/30/2004, you wrote:
>There is a Monday Social Ride tonight, 6:30 pm on Technology Loop. I 
>noticed it was pretty dark last night at 8 pm, so please get out your 
>headlights and taillights and get them on your bikes. Helmets Required.
>I counted 17 BVC members (plus 3 more CS/Bryan residents) at  Not 
>Hotter than Hell Hundred this past weekend.  Time for jerseys? I think 
>everyone had a great ride in the not-hot weather.
> >From what I saw there were 2 groups of about 5-6 of us riding
>together (although we started with one larger group), and
>the rest were off individually or in small groups (which is what I 
>usually do). I hope everyone had a great time -- I sure did. I think 
>one of the things that impresses me the most about our group is that I 
>think everyone did the 100K or more -- awesome! If you have electronic 
>pictures, I'll (eventually!) do a HH100 2004 BVC scrapbook page, so 
>send them to me.
>Next BVC meeting is scheduled for September 13.  The TT awards 
>celebration should also occur around then.  Do we want to combine 
>them/go to Fitzwillies (or elsewhere -- tell me what you want)? We 
>could do either Monday or Wednesday.  If you have opinion, please send 
>to bvc-chat. If you have TT award category nominations, please send to 
>Willie at maddog2002 at yahoo dot com
>Road Rage Relief Rides this upcoming Labor Day weekend see 
>for more information.
>Power Pedal is coming up October 9/10.
>Hope everyone is well!
>Jean Marie
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