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I'm coming from College Station.  Anyone want to share a (car) ride over on 


At 11:51 AM 1/28/04 -0600, you wrote:
>Just a reminder, we have a Road 1 Safety Course from the League of
>American Bicyclists being taught this weekend.
>Even if you haven't (yet) registered, you still can attend.  Get
>a registration form from and show
>up for the Friday course (calling me and letting me know
>you are coming would be really nice -- 693-9424 ...)
>Friday (Jan 30) we will meet at 6 pm at the Family Support Network
>at 219 N. Main in Bryan, TX (Main and 24th street) for the classroom
>part of our course.   You can take just this portion of
>the course for a reduced rate.
>Saturday (Jan 31) we will do the on-bike part of the course (also
>a written exam, so bring a pen/pencil).  We will arrange
>where we are going to meet up on Friday -- expect to
>be occupied from ~8 am -2 pm.
>The cost for the full course is $65, unless you are a member
>of TBC, LAB or BVC in which case it is $50.  The cost for
>the Friday portion alone is $35.
>Anyone who sent in a $20 deposit will need to bring the remainder
>of their course fee with them on Friday.
>Hope to see you there!
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