BVC-CHAT sunglasses & bike racks

Jean Marie Linhart jeanmarie at
Wed Aug 17 14:42:31 CDT 2005

> > Jean Marie (aka the woman who puts a smile on Frank Irwin's face)
> And who just so happens to be the one who called him a Campy Snob:
> Frank :-)

!!! I think I've been set up! 
If the shoe fits wear it.

I think we've drifted from the topic of sunglasses and bike racks.
Obligatory topic redux (a Rack Redux to be precise): I'd check out and for bike racks.  Aggieland cycling is a
a Yakima dealer.

Jean Marie (apparently the girlfriend of a Campy Snob)
(a very happy Campy Snob, with a very happy girlfriend)

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