BVC-CHAT TT results for 2005/08/17

Willie Allen maddogwillie2002 at
Thu Aug 18 11:29:15 CDT 2005

Time Trial results for 2005/08/17

Once again a small field of riders braved the high
heat (near/at/or over 100) and the sudden increase in
the headwind for the last half of the return leg. 

01 Willie Allen 24:29
02 Ken Dykema 27:00
03 Jim Robison 28:45
04 Shawn Hokason 29:32
05 Layne Westover 31:14
06 Daniela Weaver 32:45
06 Dax Soule 32:45
08 George Boykin 34:38
DNF Abner???? - flat

The BVC TT series ends on August 31. You have only 2
more chances to post a personal record or a seasonal
best. The best way to beat the heat is to race in the
remaining two TT's in the BVC TT Series. See you next


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