BVC-CHAT Hotter'n Hell

Kevin Baker baker at
Mon Aug 29 12:25:45 CDT 2005

Speaking of the "HH"H, what's up with the ultra-early leaving rally 
riders?  I know it's common practice to  start a few miles up the road 
to get in front of some of the huge crowd, but I'm talking way up the 
road.  Way, way up.  We finished in less than four hours and we were 
still passing a few people over fifty miles into it.  Judging by their 
speed, they must have left town somewhere around three in the morning.  
What the hell?  Is this fun for people?  Why would you pay someone to do 
a ride before the support crews are even awake?

It seems like there is some kind of weird common theme amongst the early 
birds:  I noticed that the further up the road we were, the less likely 
that rally riders were to pull over for us.   One clueless group of 
jokers rode through our feed zone at about ten mph, on the right hand 
side next to the handups, just as we were coming through.  I'm not 
bitching, I got my feed and all's well that ends well I say, but I 
really am curious to hear the comments of those of you who do ride a lot 
of rallys.  Are these people otherwise normal, off the bike?


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