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And how about that 'Colder than Hell Bud Light' feed zone at the turn
off of Hwy 79?   Those volunteer firefighters know how to help you out
the final 4 miles.  Stacy and I didn't even break our pull as I grabbed
a beer for us.

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> Kevin Baker wrote:
> > Speaking of the "HH"H, what's up with the ultra-early leaving rally 
> > riders?  I know it's common practice to  start a few miles up the 
> > road to get in front of some of the huge crowd, but I'm talking way 
> > up the road.  Way, way up.  We finished in less than four hours and 
> > we were still passing a few people over fifty miles into it.  
> > Judging by their speed, they must have left town somewhere around
three in the morning.

Frank Irwin notes: 
> If they left just an hour before you did, they would only have to 
> average a bit over 15mph to be at the 50-mile mark when y'all got

More Kevin:
> > What the hell?  Is this fun for people?  Why would you pay someone 
> > to do a ride before the support crews are even awake?

If you leave an hour early, the support crews will be out by the time
you get there.  

People leave early to avoid the suicidal maniacs at the start line.
HH100 is a beast for attracting the insane -- it is one of its charms.
You can start up conversations with random strangers and discover that
this is there 5th-6th year here, they got put in the hospital the last
4-5 times, and, Guess What?  They are back for more.  Crazy.  I regard
the trip up as anthropological research.

These folks ride crazy too, if we hadn't been in the tandem start, I'd
have opted to get down the road early.  The first pacelines started
passing us about 10 miles in.  I'm sure a lot of the wheel suckers were
toast 25 miles later!  You'll see 'em on their aerobars in the middle of
a fast paceline.  Also doing the accordion dance -- slow down then speed
up and fill the gap, and so on.  Not my kind of riding.
If you start in the main line, you'll see 5-10 crashes before you hit
mile 20.  It calms down after that.

I also will opt to start early to miss as much of the heat of the day as
possible.  I'm slow and on a bad day, I might finish a century at 3:30
pm on the single.  If I can get out an hour early and bring that back to
2:30 pm, I have a much nicer day... early morning hours aren't nearly as
wearing as mid-afternoon hours.

By the way, I do know to get the hell out of the way when the racers go

Yours in turtledom,

Jean Marie "Carpe de Copy Room"
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