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Also - if anyone rode the Fayetteville ride this weekend - there was a
flyer in the bags that advertised a ride in Corpus on the 1st (kinda
strange to have a competing ride, same day - but oh well).  So - if you
aren't up for fundraising, or you want just a 65-mile ride in Corpus -
it actually looked kind of fun.  In the 65-mile route, there is an
'18-mile time trial' about 1/4 of the way into the ride.  It looks like
it starts at the north end of Padre and basically races from south to
north up Mustang Island. 

I'm sure you don't have to treat that segment as a TT, but if the wind
were right that day, could be big fun.  Could also be like the last 30
miles of a traditional HHH finish.  ;-)


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I realize this might be quite premature to bring this
up now, but thought I'd announce that pre-registration
has begun online for the Bike to Beach MS 150 (San
Antonio to Corpus Christi) taking place October 1-2.
$40 pre-registration fee:

If anyone plans on riding, please let me know. At this
time, I'm going solo for this because I've apparently
scared everyone at work and other non-cycling venues
from riding based on my experience at the MS150 from
Dallas to OK. 

Although, I have to say that Amy made me feel so much
better by stating that the headwind on the first day
made the ride the worst one she's ever done. So,
considering this was my first 'official' ride, I guess
nowhere to go but up?!

See you on the saddle,

P.S. George looks good in yellow (thanks, Lenae!): 

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