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Dan Cary cary.dan at
Fri Aug 10 14:42:09 CDT 2007

Thanks for the advice. Why are tri bikes not good for group rides?

Also, I have been seeing this term 'dura ace" everywhere. Is this a set of
components or is it like "fung shui" of bicycle set up?


On 8/9/07, Jean Marie Linhart <jmlinhart at> wrote:
> Dan Cary wrote:
> > Also, if anyone has a reccommendation on a new bike retails around 1k. I
> > would love to hear them. I don't ride all the time. I will be using the
> bike
> > for tri's.
> The second is a tri-specific bike, but maybe not the best for group
> road riding.  Both these would be available through Aggieland Cycling,
> though I'm not sure what they have in stock this second.  Aggieland is
> where I would go to buy locally.  Aggieland also carries Giant
> Bicycles (but Giant didn't always supply MSRPs on their website).
> For ~$1k you are talking an aluminum frame, maybe some carbon on it
> (seat stays, fork), and Tiagra/105 components most likely.
> I hate to tell you this, Dan, but the first half of the money you are
> going to spend is on the bike.  The second half of the money is
> everything you will need to go *with* your new bike!
> This cost goes down when you get up to 5 bikes (ahem, cough, cough)
> but it doesn't go away.
> Jean Marie
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