BVC-CHAT Shellron at 9 am Sunday

Jean Marie Linhart jmlinhart at
Sat Aug 11 16:03:13 CDT 2007

I'm assuming that several folks are going to meet up at the Shellron
(Shell station at Hwy 6 and Hwy 30) tomorrow (Sunday) at 9 am for a
ride.  If I'm the only one out there I'm going to be very sad!  If I'm
the only one out there with a bunch of A riders, I'm going to be very
very very tired.  So please help me out, and come out to ride.

Taking Hwy 30 out to Carlos/Mt Pleasant is a staple, though Chris
Menzel was talking about taking the TNP route out to Kurten.  Here is
a Gmap Pedometer of the Kurten route that I usually take:

Hoping to have some riding friends tomorrow!

Jean Marie

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