[BVC-CHAT] Deb Barton

Jean Marie Linhart jmlinhart at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 08:44:22 CDT 2009

Bill Garrett sent this to me this morning when he discovered I was
back in College Station.   I'm hoping Deb is doing well and will be
home soon.

--Jean Marie (more below)

Kathy Langlotz sent this to Bill:

I wanted to let everyone know that Deb was involved in a car/bicycle
accident this morning on our second day of Bike Virginia.  She will be
fine.  No life threatening injuries, but a number nasty lacerations on
her face (hit a side mirror) that required plastic surgery, fractured
left clavicle that also required surgical repair, and other minor
issues (minor fractures in left wrist and C5 vertabra).  She's just
out of surgery.  The Orthopedic surgeon said the plastic surgeon did a
"beautiful job" and that the clavicle repair went well.  Last I heard
before surgery is that they would admit her overnight for observation
and discharge her tomorrow.  I'll keep everyone updated as I am able,
but am not sure what internet access I'll have.

Prayers would be appreciated, if you are so inclined.

 And then a day later..

Here's an update on Deb.  She is still in the hospital.  Waiting for a
decision to be made regarding additional surgery on her left
wrist/hand.  Also, trauma docs are monitoring a variety of 'cascading'
variables related to trauma injury treatment and precautionary
measures.  She is not in a lot of pain and is dozing off & all.  She
thanks all of you for your prayers and well wishes.  She still plans
to fly home with me Friday as we had originally scheduled.  She's
bummed about not getting to go white water rafting Thursday after all.
 And just so you know her spirit is in tact the EMT's at the accident
scene made note that she was worried about her bike.  She also asked
the plastic surgeon who did the eval in the ER that as long as he
would be doing plastic surgery on her face could he go ahead and
include a face lift.

More later.  I, too, thank you for your prayers.

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