[BVC-CHAT] [Riders] SSS - a pre-ride history

Wareing, Robert (BRYAN, TX(College Station)) robert_wareing at ml.com
Fri Oct 2 11:20:19 CDT 2009

Baker, I'm a slower rider and just need the extra 15 min.



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Why don't we compromise on 6:30? I don't think 7:00 gives us enough time
to do the full 100 and get the traditional caffeine break at Twisters,
and 6:15, well that's just crazy tri-nerd talk. 

Wareing, Robert (BRYAN, TX(College Station)) wrote: 

If the purpose of SSS is to get in extra miles, and the original
documented time of departure was 6:15am by KB in June of 2006 as noted
by Willie below, I will be departing this Saturday morning at 6:15am. 
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I agree with Efrian about cutting it close if we get a flat, but I  
dont mind a 7 am start as long as we dont lollygag.
On Sep 30, 2009, at 11:10 PM, Willie Allen  
<maddogwillie2002 at yahoo.com> <mailto:maddogwillie2002 at yahoo.com>  wrote:

	An unauthorized pre-ride history. Read the conclusion first and
	the supporting evidence if you want.
	conclusion: The dykemator is the grandfather of the preride.
	started the SSS and its start time has changed with the sunrise.

	Posted start times and locations have moved as needed depending
	the conditions: So vote with your feet/wheels/presence or
	this saturday prerides are as follows:
	Herc: 6:30 at the flagpole
	Zane? 6:45 at Houston and Old Main
	willie 7:00 at Houston and Old Main
	The history: Ken Dykema started to do extra training before the

	flagpole in 2004. several of the usual suspects started to tease
	about his secret training. Several of these suspects then joined
	on his preride and we called it SST for Super Secret Training
and it  
	was regularly ridden except during the cold months.
	In June 2006, Kevin Baker wanting to put in some extra miles in

	preparation for the state RR started an unnamed preride that
left at  
	first light (6:15 AM for the first ride). This preride quickly  
	morphed into a named ride by the next week termed the SSS (Super

	Saturday Sentury)and the starting at 6:15 since at that time of
	blinky's were barely needed. It appear the start time stayed at
	throughout the summer. No mention could be found of the SSS
	or later of the SSS. In Jan 09 KB restarted "more fun than the  
	Saturday ride normally affords" prerides at 7AM. In Sept 07 KB
	to start "the best early ride in town meets at the flagpole at
	In Oct 07 Greg wants to the SSS to start at a unspecified
	location and you have to email him to find out where.

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