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Jeff Lee thumbmodel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 20:03:29 CST 2012

Hello Everyone,

Would y'all please give me some helpful advice on wheel sets?

I have the entry level set (Mavic CXP22) that came with my bike
(Specialized Roubaix Elite). I am a 'B-Grouper', have put 2300 miles on my
bike since last June, ride the 60-80 mile routes of organized rides,
finished my first century on the MLK ride recently, and usually average
14-16mph on my rides. I don't expect to be a racer, would like to get
faster, realize my greatest advance in performance will come from getting
in better shape but also hear than an upgrade in my wheel set could make an
immediate impact. So, that is my 'level' as a rider.

Given that background, here is the advice I am sorting through:

1. Even at my experience level, I will notice a felt difference in even
moving up to $500-600 level (say a Fulcrum 5 or Mavic Elite) wheel set
because of the hub.
2. Incremental benefits come from spending an additional $100-200 for
bladed spokes and a deeper dish rim, though I probably will not feel the
3. The next level of felt difference will be jumping up to carbon. I have
no desire to spend that kind of money, though.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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